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Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Classic


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20 in stock

Product Name Tulsi Green Tea Classic
Net Weight/ Quantity 25 Infusion Bags
Serving Size 1 Infusion Bag
Class Herbal Tea
Fssai Code 12716066000245
Type Infusion Tea Bags

“The Queen of Herbs” -is the most sared herb of India. Tulsi (Oimumsanctum) is also known as Holy Basil. It belongs to family Labiateae. The name “Tulsi” means “the incomparable one”. The leaves contain essential oil that contains eugenol, eugenal, arvarol, methyl-chaviol, limatrol and caryophylline. Tulsi is the best Adaptogen.

INDICATIONS: Stress induced diseases like, bronchialasthma, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis,allergies, malignoma,viral diseases like encephalitis, AIDS. Cold, flu chronic diseases like pulmonarytuberculosis, pneumonia, hyperuricemia, gout and water retention.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size:1 infusion bag(1.74g)
Serving per box: 25 Value per Serving
Energy(kcal) 2.230
Fat(g) 0.110
Carbohydrates(g) 0.270
of which sugars(g) 0.022
Protein(g) 0.060
All Organic Ingredients
Each 1.74g infusion bag contains:
*Green Tea(Camellia sinensis) 0.60g (35%)
*Krishna Tulsi(Ocimum sanctum) 0.38g (21.67%)
*Rama Tulsi(Ocimum sanctum) 0.38g (21.67%)
*Vana Tulsi(Ocimum gratissimum) 0.38g (21.66%)
*Certified Organic Ingredients