Pintola Almond Butter

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Pintola Almond Butter
  •   Best  For Gym Goers
  •   Dieters And Joggers
  •   Healthy Fats
  •   Heart Friendly
  •   Aids Weight Management
  •   No Hydrogenated Oil
  •   No Trans Fats
  •   No Added Sugar/Salt
  •   Vegan Choice

Product Name Almond Butter
Net Weight/ Quantity 350g
Flavour Salted
Serving Size 32g
Class Nuts and Seeds Paste
Fssai Code 10015021001645
Type Vegan

Pintola Almond Butter is free from harmful preservatives, excess sugar and excess salt. Pintola Peanut Butter is best choice for  people with healthy lifestyle. This product is gaining popularity due to its high grade quality and taste. Almond butter has protein and fiber which are essential nutrients for optimum body functions. It is a best choice for who are looking for meals which not only is healthy and energetic but also weight management friendly.

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