Fitscoop Assured Policy
No doubt the fake supplement industry is far greater than original supplements in terms of it's reach to Indian consumer. More than half of the supplements are found to be fake/adulterated which contains banned substances and adulterated with steroids.
Effects on banned substances
The fake supplement resellers provide immediate results which may a seem a magic to a consumer and fall pray to use it's use for longer time.The side effects of these supplements may cause high cholesterol levels in blood, body acnes,mood swings,liver and kidney damage,sexual organs problems like impotency,hormonal imbalance like irregular menstrual cycle,low libido,hair-loss.
Our purpose at is to procure and provide 100% authentic products by maintaining strict quality control. Unlike other nutrition commerce companies which has multiple seller for each product we act as a mediator between you(consumer) and the manufacturer.
A Look At Our Supply Chain
This is how we achieve our mission by cutting down the middlemen like retailer and resellers between the product and consumer.The products are procured directly from Importer/Manufacturer to Fitscoop which are then again inspected according to the strict guidelines .If a product's all attributes reaches to quality control's guidelines then the product is made ready to be delivered to consumer via trusted logistics partners.We add an Fitscoop Authenticity seal on the product to make sure that the product is not tampered and altered within the logistics process.

We don't collaborate with a manufacturer untill we tie up with it's authorized importer to India.This is also a reason that we might have low product line in comparison to other Sports nutrition companies but Kudos to us that the best Sports Nutrition companies like ON,BSN and more are already with us and we are with you.
Fitscoop's Mission
There has been a tremendous amount of gap between a consumer and the knowledge for reaching the required goals. Due to this gap of bridge,the consumer tends to buy anything which promises results,these immediate results can make the consumer pay heavy cost for his/her long term health and waste his/her money on counterfeit products and bear irreversible permanent damages to body.We here at Fitscoop are at this mission of providing the right product with right knowledge which is an each person constitutional right.Our quality management team goes through strict policy to deliver any non erroneous product to the consumer.