Rostaa Figs

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Rostaa Figs
  • Rich in Fiber,Calcium and Iron
  • Good for Increasing Bone Density
  • Improves Reproductive Health
  • Perfect Snack
  • Prevents Heart Diseases

Type Vegetarian
Serving Size 28gm
Class Dried fruits
Fssai Code:1001150022003670 1001150022003670

Rostaa Gourmet Figs are flavourful, lusciously chewy and crunchy. These sundried Mediterranean Figs are your perfect healthy snack, any time of the day. Dried Figs are known to be rich in Fiber, Minerals, Calcium, and Iron. While bieng a great source of antioxidants, dried Figs also aid in weigh loss, prevent heat disease, and improve reproductive health.

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